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Handmade Aromatherapy Detox Bath Salts are a great way to detox the body, remedy colds and flu, relieve achy, sore muscles, and promote relaxation. Esteem Detox Bath Salts make the water feel silkier, soothes irritated skin, helps the body produce energy, increase magnesium, and provide relief for painful PMS symptoms, and muscle aches.


Available in three aromatherapy fragrances:
* Dream - Lavender
* Glow - Lemongrass + Tumeric
* Creme Brûlée - Vanilla


Note:  Tumeric may leave a TEMPORARY yellow stain to skin and surfaces.


Detox Bath Salts

SKU: 405
16 Fluid ounces
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Detox Bath Salts
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  • Pour 2- 3 capfuls of your bath salts to the bath after it is full just before you get in. Adding them too soon will cause the the aromatherapy oils to evaporate before you get into the tub.
    Shelf Life - 1–2 months

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