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Esteem Sugar Scrubs are a great option for exfoliation which removes the top layer of dead skin. Gently massaging the sugar scrub against the skin will create friction that facilitates exfoliation and reveal bright glowing skin. It improves circulation and relieves tense, sore muscles. Esteem sugar scrubs provide exfoliation while providing moisture.

Made with organic cane sugar, it draws moisture from the environment into your skin providing hydration and moisture retention. Sugar is also a natural source of glycolic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid. This penetrates the skin, breaking down the bond holding the skin cells together. This allows cell turnover resulting in fresher and healthier looking skin.

Available in three aromatherapy fragrances:
* Dream - Lavender
* Glow - Lemongrass + Tumeric
* Creme Brûlée - Vanilla

(Note: Tumeric may leave a TEMPORARY yellow stain to skin and surfaces.)

Sugar Scrub - Body/Lip Exfoliator

SKU: 406
16 Fluid ounces
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Sugar Scrub
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  • Scoop out desired amount, apply to damp skin in a circular motion, rinse, and follow with body butter.
    Shelf Life - 1–2 months

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